Simple ways to use shredded crockpot chicken!

If you haven’t noticed already, one of my favorite things to prep for the week is a big batch of shredded crockpot chicken for the week. I love it because you can create a variety of meals throughout the week so you don’t get sick of it! Shredded crockpot chicken is super versatile in the way that you cook it.

Healthy Chicken Salad

I’ve found when I prep items, sometimes I will get sick of it after 2-3 days of eating it. Doing this, allows you to still have that protein source ready, but easily able to create a totally different meal with it. Once you’ve created your chicken salad or bbq chicken, you can switch up how you serve it as well. I like to do bowls with a bunch of greens, top it on sweet potato toast or even make fun sweet potato sliders! All of these recipes are super minimal & don’t take a lot of time to prep either. Let me know if you have any other creative ways that you like to use chicken in your recipes!

Different ways to use shredded crockpot chicken:

  1. Chicken Salads: you know that I love chicken salads! I seriously think they are one of the best things to have around for an easy lunch during the busy week. There are so many flavors that you can switch it up with to keep it interesting or just stick to the Healthy Chicken Salad. One thing that I love about chicken salads is that you can use these in different ways throughout the week like topping it on sweet potato toast, in a sandwich or wrap or just having it with some veggies and crackers. For example, check out these Chicken Salad stuffed tomatoes!

If you want some Chicken salad recipes to prep, check these out:

Use your chicken salad for:

  • Wrap or sandwich
  • Crackers or veggies
  • On sweet potato toast or in a bell pepper
  • Bed of greens
Southwestern Chicken Salad

2. Use your favorite sauce! AKA buffalo or BBQ Sauce: The best thing about a crockpot is that you can add anything to it! Try adding your favorite buffalo or BBQ sauce to your crockpot chicken to let that shred with it while it cooks. Once you have done this, you can then make a couple different recipes with that chicken throughout the week.

Some BBQ or Buffalo Shredded Chicken Recipes that I would suggest trying are:

BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

3. Keep it plain, but still with flavor! Some weeks, I will make a batch of shredded crockpot chicken without any add in’s or without a plan to throw into a chicken salad. I like to do this so I can easily add it as a protein for salads during the week or as a protein along with veggies for an easy weeknight dinner.

What I recommend:

  1. Add 2-3 chicken breasts to the crockpot.
  2. Combine about ½ cup to a cup of chicken broth with a little sea salt and pepper.
  3. Let it cook for 3-4+ hrs until your able to easily shred with a fork.
  4. Be sure to store once the chicken has cooled.

4. Toss it into a salad! As I mentioned, shredded crockpot chicken is great to use as a protein in a salad. I love making a big green salad for lunch during the week. A few that you can find recipes for on here are my Asian Chopped Chicken Salad and Thai Chopped Chicken Salad. These are so simple to make!

Asian Chicken Salad

Best ways to store your shredded crockpot chicken for the week:

I hope this roundup of shredded crockpot chicken uses during the week is helpful as you plan and prep for the week!

Talk soon, Taylor.

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