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I recently got my first ButcherBox and before I go into telling you everything about this grass-fed meat subscription, I have to tell you about the amazing offer they have right now! If you sign up TODAY, you can get $100 off your box PLUS a free 10-14lb turkey in your box. These savings are only for today so make sure to take advantage of it now! Your Thanksgiving dinner is covered with this addition at a lower cost than ever. The convenience of the quality meat delivered right to you is 

Okay now that I’ve told you about the deal that you can’t miss, I can’t wait to share all the details on ButcherBox. First off, I want to share why I love ButcherBox. 

  • The quality! You can seriously taste the difference between the meat from ButcherBox and ones that I would pick up at the grocery store. 
  • I feel good eating this. I always aim to put the best food in my body and knowing I’m eating meat that is high quality and humanely raised –makes me feel good! 
  • It’s delivered right to you! It’s one less thing that I have to pick up at the store! You can easily select your box online and know what day it will be delivered right to you. Having a stash of protein in the freezer makes it easier to decide your future meals since you have that to work with! 
  • The price–can we all agree that going to the store to shop for weekly groceries has gone up alot!? I know I see it alot with meat prices and the rate for what you get in a ButcherBox compared to buying in the store is a big difference for the quality. 

So what is this $100 off deal?

If you’ve been contemplating ButcherBox, now is the time to sign up! This is an incredible offer and a huge savings. TODAY only, when you pick out one of the five assorted boxes, you will get $100 off your box! Plus, you get a free 10-14lb turkey! What you can expect from this turkey: 

  • Free-range
  • Never given antibiotics or added hormones
  • All-natural young turkey
  • Honestly, such a good tasting turkey! I had it last year at a Friendsgiving and it was so good! 

Not only will you not have to worry about your turkey at Thanksgiving, but you can guarantee the quality will be unmatched to those at the grocery store. 

ButcherBox meat assortment

How does ButcherBox work?

It’s so simple to order from ButcherBox! You get to choose your plan, the delivery frequency (that you can pause or cancel at anytime!) and prepare for whichever it will be delivered and have your menu ready to go with the selection you chose. 

What are the different plans I can choose from? 

There are 5 boxes to choose from with ButcherBox. All can be canceled at any time and free shipping right to your doorstep.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Custom Box–curate your own box choosing (9) from the 25 high-quality cuts. $169/month
  • Mixed Box–(8) 11lbs of high quality meat. $146/month
  • Beef & Chicken Box–(8) 11lbs of high quality meat mix of beef and chicken cuts. $146/month
  • Beef & Pork Box–(8) 11lbs of high quality meat mix of beef and pork cuts. $146/month
  • Basic Box–(7) 7.5lbs of high quality meat. $99/month

This order, I did the mixed box! I had a mixture of St. Louis Style Ribs, Chicken Tenders, Ground Beef, Sirloin Tips, Filet and my FREE turkey! Are you ready to choose your own box?! Check it out here. 

Once you get your Turkey, you may want some sides to add to your Thanksgiving menu! Here are a few from the blog that you’ll love! 

And you may even have some Turkey leftover depending on how many you’re feeding with this 10-14lb turkey! Here are some recipes that you can use with your leftovers:

And since you will be getting a variety of meat in your ButcherBox, here are some ways to inspire your box selection: 

I hope this post was helpful in learning more about ButcherBox! I’m excited to partner with them on this post. Thank you for supporting One Balanced Life. 

Talk soon, Taylor.

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