Whole 30 Week 2 Recap


Week 2!! Time is flying! And as I’m writing this, I have a headache I think from my lack of sugar haha but I’m feeling great! The thing that I love about Whole 30 is that I don’t feel like I’m restricting myself. Yes, I technically can’t have sugar, gluten, and a few other things, but I have never once felt like I’m in restriction mode. Coming from a girl that grew up with a lot of restrictions when it came to certain food, it feels really good to be doing this and not feeling that way.

So, lets back up to this past weekend. I was doing a staycation at a local hotel here in Austin, TX with Bumble. It was such a cool weekend with a Friendsgiving planned for the weekend and a ton of activities. This was my first time actually being out of my routine while on the Whole30. And let me tell ya, it’s a heck a lot easier to follow it when you’re in the comfort of your own home. But that kinda goes for anything, right? The dinner was the usual turkey, mashed potatoes & green beans meal followed by dessert. Oh, and lots of wine. So, for the weekend where I would have had some drinks and dessert, I turned it down. But still, didn’t feel like I was “missing out.” I really really am committed to following through with this for 30 days. I just realized I had to be more curious. I was out ordering a coffee and asked for almond milk because thats my usual go-to choice. And usually that’s a pretty safe choice because it isn’t like a latte that can hide some sugar. But then totally forgot that I needed to check the ingredients in the almond milk!! Just another place that sugar can hide. So, everywhere I go I just ask questions to ensure where as I would just take any kind of nut milk I can.

This was also the first time where I felt the craving for sugar since not having any the past week and a half. I think most of it was coming from being out of routine. I also am the girl that loves a good sweet treat after dinner, so it just felt necessary for this little weekend getaway. I haven’t really had any cravings since then! I just wouldn’t mind some of my brownie bite energy balls haha


The food that I’ve had (besides what you have seen on Instagram) is all really basic. Eggs and avocado at breakfast, some sort of salad at lunch, ALOT of sweet potatoes and a date & almond butter if I want something a little “sweet.” I’ve also really been looking forward to my morning coffee which is Whole 30 approved by using brewed coffee, pumpkin pie spice, collagen peptides, nut milk & some vanilla ghee. Blended up & so good & frothy!!

Overall, I still wake up feeling so great. And I keep going back to my head feeling clear. This month is really flying so I don’t have any doubt that the next two weeks will be the same. Excited to complete it! Let me know if you have any questions! xoxo

Talk soon, Taylor.

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