5 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Options

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. I personally feel better when I’ve kicked off the day with something nutritious, fulfilling and tasty. I think you can get all of those while still keeping it quick and simple. I like to have my mornings filled with my morning routine of relaxing with my coffee, writing out my agenda for the day and getting a morning workout in. For me, this sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I thought I would share some of my go-to’s for a quick & easy breakfast during the week.

Five quick & easy breakfast options:

1) Overnight Oats: my all-time favorite for something quick and easy during the week. Not only are these great for something on the go, but they are filling so it keeps me satisfied until lunch time. I always look for breakfasts like this so I don’t end up snacking all day long. There are so many ways to switch them up with different flavors or just keep it super simple (my OG overnight recipe!) and add all the different toppings. These are easy to keep in the fridge so that you already have breakfast ready for you when you wake up.

Make these overnight oats:

2) Savory Breakfast Prep Bowls: these are a great savory option for breakfast on the go. You can prep most of this ahead of time to make the morning time even easier for you. I like using these containers.

Tips to preparing a savory breakfast bowl:

  1. Pick your protein (do you want to do breakfast sausages, hardboiled eggs, veggie patties)
  2. Add some fruit (I love doing berries here!)
  3. I used a sauce divider to add the kraut in (I love kraut because it adds some probiotics to this meal and tastes really good with a savory combo!)
  4. Add some greens!
  5. Add avocado the morning that you plan to take it on the go with you.

3) Chia Pudding: it took me a while to get used to liking chia pudding, but I think it’s all about how you prepare it and what you add with it. This is a great breakfast because not only can it be prepared ahead of time, but you can easily grab and go with it in the morning as well. It only requires a few ingredients that you most likely already have at home too!

I like to make my banana almond chia pudding as a base and switch it up with different toppings like warmed frozen berries, nut butter and honey.

4) Yogurt bowls: I don’t ever get sick of these bowls because there are so many ways to switch them up! Plus, just like the overnight oats, you can prepare these in your jar or bowl the night before and just top with a little nut butter in the morning and you’re good to go. I love to make parfaits with them if I place them in a jar. Simple ways to do this is to layer granola on the bottom, yogurt, berries, and then nut butter, seeds or more granola on top! It looks fancy but really just comes together in a couple minutes.

Switch up your yogurt bowl:

  • Add sautéed apples or bananas
  • Add hemp seeds for a little extra boost of protein!
  • Add warmed frozen berries
  • Use a different nut butter
  • Add nuts: slivered almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds
  • Sprinkle on some cinnamon: adds a little sweet touch that’s so tasty with these!

5) English muffin + Peanut butter: there is something about this combo that never seems to fail. And it’s as easy as it seems!

Other options for this simple combo:

  • Use rice cakes instead of an English muffin
  • Use whole grain or seeded toast
  • Use a flatbread or cracker

Talk soon, Taylor.

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