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I love snacking! I always like to have things around when I want something quick and satisfying too. I feel like I go back and forth between sweet and savory snacking. But I do have a couple go-tos for around here! Having things like this keeps me from grazing throughout the day (even though that doesn’t mean some days I don’t ;)) I hope that this list will help give you some ideas for your go-to snacks! 

Trail Mix Bites

Trail Mix Bites

Energy bites: This is probably my favorite thing to make! Mainly because they are perfect for grab and go and I usually always have one before a morning workout. I love switching them up with different flavors, etc. but you can also keep it really simple with one of the go-to recipes of mine! I like having all of these ingredients on hand so if you ever want to make them, then you have everything at home that you need to whip them up! I always recommend buying a lot of these ingredients in the bulk section because its the cheapest! Check out some of my bite recipes here. 

Bars: I go back and forth on whether I like snacking on these or not. Sometimes it doesn’t really do the trick & lately it hasn’t been what I reach for! But I do think there are some great options & these are the ones that I love! Perfect Bar (my top flavors are Dark Chocolate PB, PB Coconut, and Brownie), RXBar (my top flavors are Chocolate sea salt & chocolate chip), and Heath Warrior (favorite flavors are dark chocolate & Peanut Butter) Are we seeing a reoccurring theme over here1? haha. 


Apple Nachos or Apple & nut butter: This combo is the best!! When I have some extra time, I like to take it up a notch and make some nachos with the apple & my favorite toppings. Cause I have to be a little extra, right!? 😉 I love taking apple & then a single serve nut butter packet (like Justins, RxBar or Wild Friends) with me when I need something quick. Always satisfying too! 

Rice cake with nut butter or avocado: I used to eat rice cakes ALL the time when I was younger and recently got back into them for snacks! I like them because they have that bit of crunch too. I’ll top with nut butter and banana/strawberries or avocado if I want something a little more savory. 


Chia pudding: This has also been a recent favorite for a snack! I will prep a bunch and then have it in my jar to either put in a breakfast bowl or eat as a snack. Just top it off with some berries, nut butter, honey & you’re good to go! This is also really satisfying and won’t have you reaching for something in 30 minutes. 

Fresh fruit: When I’m snacking on fruit, I will usually go for berries. Tip: keep all your fruit clean, chopped & easy to grab in the fridge! 

Some days I snack a lot & others I don’t at all! I find that I like to eat more meals that completely satisfy me then to keep snacking! That can all vary though depending on the day–if I’m home, out running errands, etc. I hope this was helpful! 




Talk soon, Taylor.

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