I went for my follow up InsideTracker test and here’s what I received back

In my last blog post I shared that I had just taken my first InsideTracker test! I received the results back and gave a recap on some of the biomarkers that needed work and what I was doing to improve those. A few of the biomarkers that I wanted to look at were my high Cortisol, Ferritin and Iron. All of these were important to me, especially while I was in my marathon training cycle. 

InsideTracker provides personalized approaches to feeling better from the inside out. They give recommendations for nutrition, supplements and lifestyle based on your test results and provide actionable steps to optimizing your biomarkers. Between blood, DNA and habits, they take a holistic approach to how you can feel better. 

With the InsideTracker Ultimate Plan, you receive a comprehensive analysis of your blood test with 44 biomarkers analyzed. The newest biomarker to be analyzed being ApoB, which is the best measurable predictor of heart disease risk. It directly measures the concentration of all potentially atherogenic particles. As someone who has a family history of heart problems, I was glad to see this as an optimized biomarker from my recent test. 

Since I took my last blood test in September, I unfortunately kept my Cortisol pretty consistent at a high biomarker. Honestly, I’ve just been stressed lately. Between working for myself, life and other things that have come up, this has been a hard one for me to manage over the last few months. While there are ways that I definitely help manage my stress by getting outside to walk to the pups, eating nourishing foods and journaling; I know this is a higher level thing that I need to look into. 

Another biomarker that is still needing work is my Iron and Ferritin. As I had mentioned in my previous blog post, this was definitely something that I wanted to work on for optimal energy during marathon training. I’ve increased my shellfish in hopes that it would help and other iron-rich foods. It’s definitely trending towards being optimized so hopefully by the next test I will see that! 

It’s easy to look at these numbers and not see improvement but with the guidance and support from the InsideTracker app, I can implement the recommendations they have easily into my everyday life. 

I’ve loved all the insight I’ve received from InsideTracker and the knowledge I can use to make myself feel better. If you have any questions about my test or InsideTracker, feel free to reach out! You can also get a 20% discount on your test using my discount code “ONEBALANCEDLIFE”! 

Thank you InsideTracker for sponsoring this blog post.

Talk soon, Taylor.

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