A day at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas

What a day! I’m so grateful that I was able to spend a day out at Lake Austin Spa Resort and unplug for a bit. It has become increasingly difficult for me to take a break from my work and get some quality relaxing in. When Lake Austin Spa asked if I wanted to come out for the day, I was so excited to have this time for me. I’m excited to be able to share a little bit of my experience with you!

A little about Lake Austin Spa if you’re not familiar…this resort is set back in the rolling hills of Texas, but just 20 minutes from downtown Austin. They even offer the option for guests to come over via a water taxi to the resort! What I love is that they focus on the water and that being the source of stress relief and tranquility for their guests. Which is totally the way I felt when I was there! It was so serene and I can only imagine what a day out on the water doing all the activities they offer would be like (it was a little rainy and cold when I was there so unfortunately didn’t get the chance to do that). Some of the amenities that they offer for guests coming to the resort are access to all of the pools, lake activities such as paddle boarding/kayaking and daily activities they host for guests to attend. Like the cooking demo that I got to see! Not only do they have all of these ways to escape, but you can choose a spa experience as well. Everything from massages, hair/nail salons to saunas and a steam room.

I was blown away from just arriving at how nice everyone was! The hospitality was truly amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a guest for a few days! After arriving, I was given a tour of the property. Everything from the different pools, garden, dining rooms, and spa. It was all so nice and had this calmness about it that I loved.

After getting a tour, I was scheduled for an 80 minute deep muscle tissue massage and it was amaaazing. Even though it’s pretty hard for me to chill out and not be thinking about a million things, it really was the best way to have a little time to myself. They offer so many different spa packages too. Everything from facials to different massages and even acupuncture.

After the massage, I ate lunch at the Aster Cafe, which is a cafe on-site at the resort. You can walk on down from the spa in your robe and eat lunch! Everything on the menu sounded amazing and I loved how fresh it was, focusing on local, real food ingredients. I ended up getting the Mother Earth Bowl with salmon and some avocado hummus as an appetizer. It was all so fresh!! I found out later that a lot of the veggies in my salad are grown on the on-site garden. How cool is that!?

After finishing up lunch, I went to the cooking demo hosted by Molly, the grounds manager at the resort. She did a cooking demo on 3 winter greens that they grow at the resort. They were all simple recipes and were so tasty! I definitely plan to re-create one of the greens that she made because I can only imagine how good they would be for a dinner! Molly showed me around the garden at the resort and I even got to take home some of the different herbs from the garden!

It was time to head back home after wrapping up my day visit at Lake Austin Spa Resort. I honestly could have stayed all week! I can’t wait to bring back my family because it’s such a great spot to escape from the city without having to go too far. Thank you, Lake Austin Spa Resort, for giving me the opportunity to unwind for the day.

Talk soon, Taylor.

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