Running Essentials

This is a roundup of all the running essentials that I love and wear daily for runs! While training for a marathon, I’ve realized the importance of having pieces that feel good and most importantly feel good on YOU! I’ve also tried a few things that didn’t hold up to the heat, which is a must in the summertime.


Nike Flex shorts: I love the spandex underneath these! They don’t ride up which I feel like is hard to find too. They are easy to breathe in too which is great for running, but I’ve also worn these for HIIT classes or strength days since they do have the spandex under.

Outdoor Voices Move Free 3.5 Tight: I love these for a speed short! I haven’t had any issues with these riding up either and they are feel good on too. They aren’t pinching me in spots which is important!

Outdoor Voices Relay 3″ Short: I love these for easy runs. I’ve done a few longer runs in them and they don’t absorb the amount of sweat that I have on those days (lol). I have the medium and I can make them high waisted which I like.

Outdoor Voices Hudson 2.5″ Short: these have been my all around go-to short while training. They are so comfy and great for fast or easy running. I have a couple colors!

Sports Bras/Crops

Nike Cropped Tank: I’ve worn this for a few races and love it! It’s a good crop length and it’s so comfy. It’s also sleek looking which is always fun for running in races!

FP Movement Square Neck Good Karma Bra: this is one with minimal support, but it works for me! It’s so comfy and has a bunch of colors that I love.

Aerie Ribbed High Neck Sports Bra: this has been my recent favorite find that I now have three colors in! Once I find something I like, I just buy it in a few colors 😉 I take the pads out of this one!

Amazon Crop Top: this crop has been one of my favorites for a while and it’s so comfortable! Holds everything in for all types of workouts.

Vuori Mindset Bra: I love the color of this and it’s so comfortable. I love all of the Vuori clothes and this is one that I wear often!


Hoka Clifton 8: once I wore a pair of Hoka shoes for the first time I was hooked! They are so supportive, comfortable and feel good on your feet. If you’re looking for a shoe to get started in with running, I’d definitely recommend these!

Saucony Endorphin Pro: these shoes are what I’ve been wearing for speed workouts and my longer runs! The extra bounce these give is amazing and feel so good on my feet.

Brooks Ghost: love these for a trainer and every day running! So comfortable and supportive.


SPIbelt: this goes with me every time I do a long run! Or need to carry extra things like fuel or keys with me. It also fits my phone (without my phone case)

Insulated Handheld Water bottle: this is a MUST during long runs, especially in the summer. I fill it up with water and carry it with me and then fill up along the way! It also has a pouch that you can put your fuel in too.

Garmin Vivoactive 4s: I just started training in this watch and love it! It’s been so great for programming workouts and I love the white and rose gold look for every day wear beyond workouts!

Goodr sunglasses: I love these and have a few different styles! They are great for running because they don’t move around on your face!


Huma Chia Energy Gel: I started using these as my fuel for long runs and love them! I don’t particularly love eating anything during the run, but I always notice a difference when I have one of these packets. It’s so important to fuel during the long runs! The instant boost to keep moving from this fuel is amazing.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews: I also love these chews for fuel! They taste like a gummy which makes it even better 😉 I typically do these for shorter long runs like 8-10 miles and will sometimes have a few before going out on a long run.

If you haven’t read my blog post on Tips for signing up for your first race check it out! What are your running favorites? Let me know in the comments!! x

Talk soon, Taylor.

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