My first experience at Milk and Honey Spa

Hi friends! I had the opportunity to visit Milk and Honey this week and I am so excited to share this experience with you. Milk and Honey has a variety of spa services that they offer and even a salon as well. Everything from a variety of massage offerings to facials and even pedicure and manicures. This month, I had the 60 Minute Signature Massage with a back polish (back scrub) and it was awesome. Milk and Honey has a variety of locations, but I visited the 2nd Street District, downtown location. Just upon entering the spa facilities, I already felt relaxed.

The mission & philosophy of Milk and Honey was definitely portrayed during my visit there. Some of these include: 1) creating a truly relaxing environment where you are pampered and unhurried, providing treatments using natural and organic ingredients to assist in natural healing process, engaging all your senses where you interact with music and art in addition to the touch of the treatment, and allowing you to interact with a staff that is passionate about your relaxation and healing.

What I loved about this massage was that my masseuse really took into consideration the activity that I do and adjusted the session based off that. I had told him that I was a runner and currently training for the Chicago Marathon and how much I was already feeling it in my body. He provided treatment that allowed for muscle relaxation and focused on the areas that I may be needing more relief from the training I’ve been doing. Not only was it relaxing, but I could feel the relief throughout the 60 minutes. As a Milk and Honey Ambassador, I received a complimentary back polish (something I’ve never had before in a massage) which is a back scrub done after the back portion of the massage and it was an added relief that was amazing. And I’m so excited to be able to share this offering with you too!

I’m excited to experience more of what Milk and Honey has to offer and I love that it’s in the heart of downtown so I don’t have to travel too far. If you’re still reading and interested in booking a session with Milk and Honey, you can receive a complimentary Back Polish on your next massage using my offering. I have linked that here if you’re interested! Let me know if you have any questions! xx

Talk soon, Taylor.

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