Cookie Dough Balls

These are one of my FAVORITE recipes! Think cookie dough & ya have a healthier version right here. I tested these a few times and was so nervous to share because I was like there’s no way that I actually made something so delicious (haha) I had my roommate try them & after she gave full approval, I couldn’t wait to share them with you guys! They will forever be my favorite thing to have in the freezer. Not only are they delicious, but they are easy to whip up! Which makes this 10x better. I’m all about something that tastes good AND requires minimal effort! If you are looking for something to have on hand when your sweet tooth kicks in–these are for you. I’m all about an after dinner treat, and these hit the spot every time.


• 1.5 cup raw cashews
• ⅓ cup cashew butter
• 2 scoops collagen peptides (I use further food collagen)
• 2 tbsp. Maple syrup
• 2 tbsp. Cashew milk (any nut milk will work here)
• ⅓ cup mini chocolate chips
• Dash of cinnamon
• Dash of vanilla extract


  1. Add cashews to a food processor & blend
  2. Add cashew butter & collagen & blend up again
  3. Add maple syrup, cashew malk, cinnamon & vanilla & blend up
  4. Mix in chocolate chips
  5. Let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes
  6.  Roll into balls!

Talk soon, Taylor.

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