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Hi friends!I’m long overdue for a write up of all my kitchen favorites. These are items that I use all of the time and have found to be helpful for me around the kitchen. None of these are necessary in order to create simple, delicious and healthy meals but they are great items to have around. The items that I’m sharing are ones that I have found to be useful for me in cooking and are my go-to items to have around the house. They are products that you see me using to create sauces, bites, or just a simple dinner.

Let me know if you have any questions on these!

1) Food processor: I use this ALL the time! It’s my all time favorite item in the kitchen. Everything from creating energy balls (blending up dates), to homemade sauces, and dicing up veggies i have found this to be one of the best purchases I have made. Plus, it’s super reasonable!

2) Hurom Blender: I have used a variety of different blenders and know the annoyance of having to blend and blend and blend until everything is done. I love this one and it’s different selections for what you may be blending up. I find that I use my blender almost every day between smoothies, blended coffee or creating some fun frozen cocktail.

3) Salad Chopper: if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I LOVE the salad chopper. I mean who wants to eat big bowls of lettuce!? This has been a game changer for me making salads at home and seriously makes them taste way better! All you have to do is add everything into a bowl, add your favorite dressing or sauce and use the salad chopper to chop/mix everything up. It’s definitely one of those items you thought you never needed but its amazing!

4) Baking Silicone Sheets: ever since I started cooking with these, I haven’t had any issues with food sticking to a pan! These are great because not only do they come in a bunch of different sizes based off the variety of pan sizes you may have, but they are great for easy clean up. A lot of times i’ll just toss them in the dishwasher with the rest of my stuff.

5) OXO Meal Prep Containers: I love these for food storage of everything that gets prepped! I have found that these keep my food fresh for a longer time and never end up with soggy food like I would when I used the plastic containers. They also come in all different sizes so it’s great to choose based off what you have that needs to be stored. If you are wanting more meal portioned containers to store, I like using these!

6) Air Fryer: It didn’t take long for this to become my favorite kitchen item! I will throw everything in here! And the convenience plus less time it takes for something to cook, I’m obsessed. There are so many different options for air fryer recipes and a lot that I share with you all already. From my buffalo cauliflower to one pan meal, you can really toss anything in here like you would the oven!

7) Set of pans: I have had my fair share of BAD cooking pans. And while they still got the job done, it really got me to appreciate what really great cookware and pans can do. I recently got these and love the non stick on these. I also love my Lodge Cast iron skillet!

8) Crockpot: I don’t think the crockpot gets the credit it deserves. I love using this for soups or making a big batch of shredded chicken for the week. I’m just going to say it but I think it’s better than the Instant Pot (which is not on my favorites list). You can place the chicken in there with a little broth and let it do it’s thing while you’re preparing other foods for the week. A lot of times I will keep the chicken super simple and then use it a variety of different ways for recipes.

9) Nespresso frother: This soon became one of my morning favorites with my coffee. While I don’t have the Nespresso coffee maker (I love a good pot of coffee), I do have this Nespresso frother which is my favorite for my morning cup (s) of coffee. I’ll use my favorite coffee creamer to froth and then it’s like a little at home latte. You can use this for your morning cup of coffee or for an afternoon iced coffee!

10) Eco-Friendly kitchen items: I love finding ways to use products that are better for the environment while are still useful in the kitchen. I love using Stasher Bags for everything around the house, not just the kitchen! I will store these in the fridge and freezer and they are super easy to wash. I also love Porter mugs and bowls for easy food/drink storage and great for on the go! Plus, they are super cute.

11) Fridge Organizers: I love these for a little more organization in the fridge which I need!!

12) Spice Organizers: honestly a game changer for the spices! If you want to clean them up and have labels for your spices, I highly recommend these!

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Talk soon, Taylor.

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