2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guides are here!! I’ve been working to get these up for you with some items that I think your loved ones will enjoy. Here’s what you can find below: For Her, For the Runner, For Him, For the Foodie, For the Entertainer and For the Homebody. I hope you love!

For Her Gift Guide

For Her:

  1. Hatch: I’m obsessed with my Hatch! I received this as a gift last year and love it.
  2. Amanda Deer Herringbone Necklace: I wear ALL Amanda Deer and love it! This necklace looks great with all outfits. Amanda Deer Huggies: These are my every day earrings! Great for a gift! You can use my code “onebalancedlife” for 10% off.
  3. Pajamas: I love a good pajama set and these are so cute and comfy.
  4. New Balance Sneakers: These quickly became my favorite shoe. Not only are they so comfortable, but I love the all white.
  5. Lululemon Crossbody Bag: I’ve had my eye on this for so long! Just recently got it and I’m obsessed.
  6. Cloudnova Sneakers: Another favorite sneaker of mine!
  7. Snif Candle: Who doesn’t love a good candle!?
  8. Dagne Dover Travel Bag: Love this bag and perfect for traveling!
  9. Dibs Beauty: Recently found this brand and I love. I use this every day and love it! The sets make for a great gift idea too.
  10. Vuori Leggings: My favorite every day leggings! I love these for workouts and every day wear! So comfortable.
For the Runner Gift Guide

For the Runner:

  1. Shokz Headphones: These headphones have been a gamechanger! They don’t move while running and they are great so you can still hear your surroundings while wearing them.
  2. Hoka Clifton 8: My favorite running shoe! Love my Hoka’s!
  3. Goodr Sunglasses: These are great to run in and don’t move around on your face. All of the styles and colors make it a great gift for anyone.
  4. Oofos Recovery Sandals: A must for recovery wear!
  5. Teragun Mini: So good for muscle recovery and perfect to travel with!
  6. SpiBelt: This goes on all of my long runs! I’ll put my phone, nutrition, etc. in it
  7. Garmin watch: I love training with this! It’s also nice to wear for every day wear too.
  8. Outdoor Voices Shorts: One of my favorite running shorts! I trained in these the most and wore them during my marathon!
  9. Feetures socks: Having good socks is a must and these are my favorite to train in.
  10. Ciele Hat: I love this brand and their styles of hats! Great for men or women.
  11. Amazon Slides: Another great recovery sandal! I love to wear these around the house too.
  12. Foam Roller: A must for recovery! Using a foam roller on days when you’re sore is so helpful.
For the Foodie Gift Guide

For the Foodie:

  1. Ninja Smoothie Maker: This works so well and I love the size of it! It’s great to store away too.
  2. Ninja Air Fryer: My air fryer is used ALL of the time! One of the best items to have in the kitchen for quick and easy meals.
  3. Crockpot: Another favorite and I love the sleek look of this one.
  4. Anthropologie Dinnerware: The dinnerware at Anthropolgie is one of my favorites! I use it a lot around my house.
  5. Ziptop Bags: These are used daily in my kitchen and perfect for someone that loves sustainable approaches.
  6. Staub Grill Pan: If you like grilling but don’t have access to a grill, this is what you need! I use this all of the time to get that same type of grilled food that we all love.
  7. Caraway Pans: Cookware that is non-stick is a must in all kitchens. While this is pricey, it is such a good gift. You can get 20% here!
  8. Cookbooks: Two of my favorites–Half Baked Harvest and The Defined Dish. I definitely recommend adding these to your kitchen.
  9. Porter Bowls: My favorite for kitchen storage. I love the sleek look too!
For Him Gift Guide

For Him:

  1. Ember Mug: Hello warm coffee at all times! This is a must for a coffee drinker!
  2. Outdoor Voices Hoodie: A casual hoodie with still a simple look that is great for fall/cooler weather wear.
  3. Veja Sneakers: Bought these as a gift last year and they are worn all of the time! Perfect with everything and all occasions.
  4. Bose Speaker: A must! This packable speaker is perfect for tailgates or cookouts.
  5. Pickleball Rackets: If you haven’t tried pickleball, now is the time! It’s such a fun time and I love the designs of these.
  6. On Sneakers: Such a great pair of sneakers! Perfect for everyday wear or they have running ones if you want more athletic ones.
  7. Vuori Shorts: Another favorite! I love everything from Vuori and these are great to wear for casual wear or workouts.
  8. Oofos: A recovery sandal that’s also great to wear around the house.
  9. Leather Coozie: These are great for a gift and this site on Etsy has many just like this in different styles–belts too.
For the Homebody Gift Guide


  1. Aerie Sweatpants: I have been living in these sweatpants! I love the comeback of the flare leg and these are super flattering too.
  2. Skinny Confidential Ice Roller: A must for a wellness gal too. I use the ice roller in the mornings and it feels so good. Helps reduce puffing and swelling!
  3. Birkenstock: Loving the comeback of these too! How cute are these!? Need a pair for around the house.
  4. Coffee Mug: This just makes me happy looking at it 😉
  5. FP Onesie: The ultimate comfy! I love wearing this to travel in or around the house.
  6. Aerie Sweatshirt: I’ve been living in this. Need it in all of the colors too. Perfect cozy sweatshirt for staying in or wearing out.
  7. Barefoot Dreams Robe: I’ve had this on my gift guide for a few years! It makes for a perfect gift and it’s so cozy.
  8. Knit Sweatpants: The coziest! I love these. So cozy.
  9. Throw Blanket: Who doesn’t love a good throw blanket on their bed or couch. I also love this one!
  10. Eye Gels: These eye gels are my favorite. They would be perfect as a stocking stuffer too.
For the Entertainer Gift Guide

For the Entertainer:

  1. Ooni Pizza Oven: Home cooked pizzas for your next gathering?! I think so!
  2. Anthropologie Glassware: Once again I’m obsessed with all of the dinnerware and glassware at Anthropologie. Perfect for a gift!
  3. Cheese Board: Who doesn’t love a cheeseboard?! I love the simple marble and wood look on this one.
  4. Wine Glasses: Wine glasses make for a gift that everyone will love. These are perfect for hosting and there are a variety of colors to choose from.
  5. Snif Candle: I can’t wait to get my snif candle! An Oprah Favorite thing!
  6. We Aren’t Really Strangers: I love a good game night for a gathering with friends.
  7. Mini Bowls: Use these to serve small snacks! I love the matte look too.
  8. Brightland Olive Oil: These olive oil flavors and this bottle makes for the perfect addition to any kitchen. Great for a hosting gift too!
  9. Drink Serveware: Perfect for the one always in charge of drinks!
  10. Anthropologie Dinnerware: I love these! The colors and the simplistic look is perfect for hosting. Also matching bowls! There’s also matching bowls.

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Talk soon, Taylor.

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