The focus of this 60 minute session is to get you back on your way to feeling your best. We cover a lot in just an hour with primarily focusing on the areas of concern that you share with me prior to our session. I take what would be covered in a 3 month session and group it in the most important and helpful information for you in an hour. You can then take this information to hit the ground running in your health journey! I provide actionable steps to your health concerns, but with motivation on your own you make it happen. My hope is that you use this session to find what works best for you and it gives you the courage to

This program is for you if:  

·     You need a jumpstart to get back feeling better

·     You are confused on where to start with your health journey 

·     You want to focus on specific areas of your health 

·     You’re sick of the back and forth of how you feel towards food

 ·     You’re looking for more guidance in making better health decisions

·     You want to make changes in your health without restrictions

·     You want more balance in your life 

What this program looks like: 

·      (1) 60 minute Zoom Session

·      Actionable steps to support your lifestyle 

·      Tips & tricks to feeling your best and knock your health concerns 

·      Additional resources that Taylor develops to take home after session

·      Accountability—Once we work together, I’m available via IG or email for any questions or concerns